Bankruptcy Discharge V-8

See Transcript Below.


The following is an adaptation of the transcript of the Bankruptcy Discharge Video-8.

Debtors are usually able to discharge most or all of their debts. To get a discharge you must fulfill certain duties, including the completion of a financial management course. After the case is filed, a second credit-counseling course must be taken to get your discharge and fully complete your case. How quickly you must take this second course depends on which chapter bankruptcy you file.

Just as for your pre-bankruptcy credit counseling, you can find approved providers by calling the bankruptcy court in your area or by accessing a list posted on the bankruptcy court’s website. (Or you can click here to go to a list on our website.) The cost of the course varies. Some agencies will reduce or waive the cost of the course depending on your circumstances.

The discharge prohibits creditors from taking any action, including sending a letter or filing a lawsuit, to collect a discharged debt. Once you get your discharge, creditors may not attempt to collect any discharged debt from you.

If they do you keep trying to collect, you may file a motion with the court reporting the action and asking that your case be reopened to address the matter. If the court finds the creditor has violated the Discharge Order, it may fine the creditor, require the creditor to pay legal fees, or take such other action the court may consider appropriate.

The discharge does not prevent you from voluntarily paying a debt for personal or other reasons after your case is over.

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