PictureA Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type of bankruptcy filed. The value of most client’s property is under the allowable amount. Consequently, most people are able to keep all of their property and discharge most, if not all, of their debts.

Exempt property includes designated values in a home and a vehicle, personal property like appliances and furniture, jewelry and retirement plans. Normally, you still have to pay the mortgage on your house, and payments on vehicles and other secured debts in a Chapter 7 case if you want to keep the property after the case is over.

When filing for Chapter 7, all of your earnings are yours to keep; your creditors have no claim on them. You can set up businesses, have bank accounts and start fresh. Bankruptcy is designed to give you a new beginning and keep you from living your life under insurmountable debt.

Upon successfully completing a Chapter 7 case, usually within four to six months, you receive an official Order of Discharge from the Court that cancels your dischargeable debts. Not all types of debt can be cancelled in Chapter 7. Debts incurred through fraud or criminal activity, debts incurred for intentionally harming someone or their property, income taxes less than 3 years old, student loans and certain other debts cannot be cancelled in Chapter 7.

For answers to general questions about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, click on the link below:

Chapter 7 FAQs

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