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It has been our experience that most people who come to one of our free office consultations come in for two reasons:REASON NUMBER ONE:  You want to know more about bankruptcy and what your options are under bankruptcy law. You want to know what kind of relief you may be eligible for under the law. Can you keep certain property, what would happen to your personal debts, how would it affect your credit in the future, what about cosigners on your debts, and many more questions of how a case would affect you? You may not be ready to file a case right now, but you need specific information about how the law would apply to the facts of your personal situation. FORM PACKAGE NUMBER ONE BELOW  provides the information you would need to bring with you when you come in one of our offices for this type of appointment.

REASON NUMBER TWO:  The second main reason you may want to come in for a Free Consultation is that you want to know what your options are in a case but believe you will probably have to file a case to stop your creditors and get some relief quickly. We see many people whose wages or bank accounts are being garnished. You may have been served with a lawsuit and know that if the creditor gets a judgment then they could  start a wage or bank account garnishment and you want to stop it before it gets started. If your home is up for foreclosure, if you  are about  to have a car or truck repossessed, if you are getting abusive telephone calls from creditors, or if you are on the verge of filing for divorce because of the pressure of the past due bills, then give us a call. Many people realize the need for protection from their creditors now and need help as soon as possible to start their protection. FORM PACKAGE NUMBER TWO BELOW provides the information to get your protection started as soon as possible.

Each of these Form Packages contain the information to discuss a Chapter 13 and/or Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. So decide whether Reason One or Reason Two best fits your situation and click on the right form package below to get started right away!

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